F. A. Q. (Frequently Ask Questions)

01. Who is the publisher of SMART Journal of Business Management Studies
The Managing Trustee
Scientific Management and Advanced Research Trust (SMART)
150, Kalyanasundaram Nagar, Airport post, Tiruchirappalli – 620 007, Tamil Nadu, India

02. What are the aims of the SMART Journal?
The SMART Journal aims to improve communication between communities and practitioners of Corporate Bodies, Financial Institutions, Banks, Teachers, Research Scholars etc., who are responsible for operational and policy decisions. It aims to promote the quality of management teaching by encouraging research habit among teachers. Besides, SMART group aims to honor eminent authors of research articles, recognize outstanding academicians and educational administrators all over the world.

02(a). What are the policies of the Journal?
The Journal plans to stimulate and develop debate on functional areas of Business Management. The policy of the Journal is to publish Research Papers, Articles, Reviews, and Case Studies etc., which provide an objective analysis of scientific concepts, empirical research and factual data and operational facts of Business Management. The policy of the journal is to recognize outstanding contributors by honoring with annual awards.

03. What is the scope of the Journal?
The SMART Journal covers articles on all functional areas of contemporary relevance like Business Education, Global Business, Operations Research / Statistics, Corporate Finance, Financial Institutional Markets, Banking, Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Finance, Information Technology, Educational Management etc. Authors are encouraged to submit original research papers which are not submitted for publication elsewhere.

04. What is the frequency of the Journal?
It is a bi-annual journal published in January and July every year.

05. Whether SMART Journal is registered and has ISSN Number?
Yes, it is registered with the Registrar of News papers for India, New Delhi (Regd No.TNENG/2005/15967). International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSN) of the SMART Journal are 0973-1598 for print version and 2321-2012 for online version.

06. In which index bodies, does the SMART journal was indexed?
SMART Journal is indexed and abstracted by Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, USA, Intute Catalogue (University of Manchester) UK, and Cabell’s Directory USA.

07. What are the types of subscription?
There are two types of subscription, namely, individual and institution. For further details, visit www.smartjournalbms.org, subscription tab.

08. Who are the target audience for SMART Journal?
The target audience for SMART Journal are the Bankers, Industrialists, Professionals, Teachers, Researchers, Students and Practitioners in Business Management Science.

09. Who are the editorial board members?
The Editorial Board consists of renowned Professors from various Universities and Colleges in India and abroad. For further details, visit www.smartjournalbms.org, Editorial Board tab.

10. What is the profile of the authors?
The Journal invites articles from Academicians, Research Scholars, Practitioners etc,. So far, the reputed academicians and research scholars from countries like USA, Singapore, Sultanate of Oman, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Dubai, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Iran, and India have published their research articles in SMART Journal.

11. How to submit an Article?
The author may submit the manuscript prepared as per the prescribed format of the SMART Journal and submit the soft copy of their articles to drmselvam@yahoo.co.in along with an undertaking letter. The SMART has developed macros and templates to help authors to prepare the manuscript. Illustrations like photographs, line drawings (original) may be used in the article. The use of scanned copy of photographs and drawings should be avoided. For details of format, please visit www.smartjournalbms.org, Guidelines tab.

12. Does SMART provide English language support?
No, the authors have to get the assistance of native English experts to correct the manuscripts and improve the quality of manuscripts by checking spelling mistakes. However, the manuscripts that are accepted for publication will be checked by our editors for spelling and formal style.

13. What stages does an article pass through for publication in SMART Journal?
Publication of articles in SMART Journal involves the following procedures.
A Confirmation of receipt of manuscript by SMART Journal.
B First level verification of format at Editorial office level
C The Chief Editor sends the manuscript to the subject experts for evaluation. (All manuscripts submitted will be
    subjected to PEER BLIND REVIEW and the decision of the Editorial Committee will be final).
D Intimation of comments by experts, to the author(s) requesting for revision.
E Receipt of improved version of manuscript
F Issue of acceptance letter and request to pay Publication fee (Refer Guidelines for Authors for Fee Details)
G Dispatch of Journal after publication

14. How can the author find the status of the manuscript?
The corresponding author can contact the Chief Editor through e-mail drmselvam@yahoo.co.in for knowing the status of the Manuscript. When action from your side is required, the Chief Editor will also contact you by e-mail / phone.

15. What happens after my article has been accepted?
A Once your manuscript has been accepted for publication, you have to fulfill the following.
B The authors will be asked to transfer the copyright of their article to the Publisher- Editor (in the undertaking letter).
     This will ensurethe widest possible protection and dissemination of information under copyright laws.
     The SMART holds the copy right to all articles accepted for publication. Ensure that your undertaking letter reached
     the editor, if not submitted earlier.
     Send the processing fee as prescribed.

16. Will it be possible for an author to publish the article on fast track basis?
Yes, there is provision for authors to publish their articles on fast track basis. For more details, please visit www.smartjournalbms.org, Guidelines tab.

17. What is the acceptance rate of articles submitted to SMART Journal?
The acceptance rate of articles submitted to SMART Journal is currently 26 %. For more details visit www.smartjournalbms.org, Acceptance Rate.

18. What is the cost of publishing a paper?
The author is required to pay nominal fee towards processing cost. For more details, visit www.smartjournalbms.org, Guidelines tab.

19. How can I order off prints?
Normally, author will receive one copy of Journal for his/her personal use. The PDF format of your article will be sent to authors on request and payment of nominal fee. For details, pleasewww.smartjournalbms.org, Reprints tab.

20. How can I access my article online?
The contents and abstracts can be freely viewed and downloaded from the Journal website (http://www.smartjournalbms.org), but a nominal subscription amount is needed for viewing full text of published articles. We regret that currently we cannot offer such service (full papers) to the authors.

21. How can I request permission to re-use material?
No part of publication of SMART Journal may be reproduced or copied in any form by any means. We regret that currently we cannot sanction permission to reuse data / materials used in the articles of SMART Journal for any other purpose. This is the policy of our Journal.