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Files in the Directory Air Pollution and Stock Returns Evidence from NSE and BSE of India.pdf
An Analysis of Market Efficiency in Sectoral Indices A Study with a Special Reference to Bombay Stock Exchange in India.pdf
An Empirical Investigation of the Inter-Linkages of Stock Returns and the Weather at the Indian Stock Exchange.pdf
Analysis of Monday Effect in Indian Stock Market.pdf
Application of Ensemble Machine Learning in the Predictive Data Analytics of Indian Stock Market.pdf
Banking Service Loyalty Determination through SEM Technique.pdf
Big Data Analytics-application of Artificial Neural Network in forecasting stock price trends in India.pdf
Co Movements and Inter-Linkages of Indian Stock Market with Emerging Stock Market Indices in Asia.pdf
Determinants of Firm Performance.pdf
Does Temperature Influence the Carbon Index Evidence From India.pdf
Effect of Temperature on Stock Market Indices_ A Study on BSE and NSE in India.pdf
Effect of Weather on Cryptocurrency Index Evidences from Coinbase Index.pdf
Effect of weather on stock market A literature review and research agenda.pdf
Effects of Weather on Agricultural Index in India A Study with Reference to MCX Agri.pdf
Efficiency Measurement of Kenyan Commercial Banks.pdf
Efficiency of Intellectual Capital Performance of Public Sector Banks and Private Sectors Banks in India Using MVAIC.pdf
Efficiency of Sectoral Indices_ A Comparative Study on BSE and NSE Ltd..pdf
Exchange Rate Volatility and Causality Effect of Sri Lanka (LKR) with Asian Emerging Countries Currency against USD.pdf
Exchange Rate and Macroeconomic Performance in South Asian Region -.pdf
Fin Tech and Financial Inclusion Exploring the Mediating Role of Digital Financial Literacy and the Moderating Influence of Perceived Regulatory Support.pdf
Impact of Convergence with IFRS on Selected Pharmaceuticals Companies in India.pdf
Impact of Corporate Governance Practices and Firm Performance An Empirical Study.pdf
Impact of Firms’ Profitability on Environmental Performance_Evidence from Companies in India.pdf
Impact of transition to International Financial Reporting Standards Empirical Evidence from India.pdf
Impact on Stock Price by the Inclusion to and Exclusion from CNX nifty Index.pdf
Indian Culture Lunar Phases and Stock Market Returns.pdf
Investor Behavior and Weather factors Evidences from Asian Region.pdf
Leadership Qualities among the National Cadets Corps in Southern India.pdf
Long Run Dynamic Linkages Between Emerging Stock Markets in Asia and a Developed Stock Market (DJIA).pdf
Long memory features and relationship stability of Asia-Pacific Currencies against USD.pdf
Long-run Overseas Portfolio Diversification Benefits and Opportunities of Asian Emerging Stock Markets and Developed Markets.pdf
Martingale Difference Hypothesis in Asia-Pacific Foreign Exchange Market.pdf
Nexus between Profitability and Environmental Performance of Indian Firms_An Analysis with Granger Causality.pdf
On the Relationship between Weather and Agricultural Commodity Index in India A study with reference to Dhaanya of NCDEX.pdf
Predicting Stock Market Movements of India using Data Deterministic Approach.pdf
Relationship between Crude Oil Price Changes and Airlines Stock Price The Case of Indian aviation Industry.pdf
Relative Efficiency of Kenyan Commercial Banks.pdf
Return on Assets Efficiency of Kenyan Banking Sector.pdf
Service Efficiency of Pallavan Transport Corporation Limited in Madras City.pdf
Service Quality Measurement in Indian Retail Banking Sector_CA Approach.pdf
Service Quality Scale Development in Indian Retail Banking Sector_An Empirical Investigation.pdf
Stock Market Movements and Linkages between Emerging Markets in Asia and Developed Market Indices Short run and Long run analysis.pdf
Technical Efficiency for Strategic Change and Global Competitiveness.pdf
Testing the Semi Strong form Efficiency of Indian Stock Market with Respect to Information Content of Stock Split Announcement - A study in IT Industry.pdf
The Effects of Crude Oil Price Surprises on National Income Evidence from India.pdf
The Effects of Oil Price on Asia-Pacific Exchange Rates Evidence from Quantile Regression Analysis.pdf
The Influence of Board of Directors on the Corporate Social Performance in the Indian Manufacturing Sector.pdf
The Mediating Effect of Research and Development and Financial Resource on Corporate Social Performance in Asian Countries Companies.pdf
The Nexus between Intellectual Capital and Value of the Firm A study on BSE S&P IT Firms in India.pdf
The Stock Market Efficiency of Emerging Markets Evidence from Asian Region.pdf
Understanding the Determinants of FinTech Adoption_ Integrating UTAUT2 with Trust Theoretic Model - scopus.pdf