20.2.0 Murugesan Selvam
20.2.1 ESG Performance as Determinant of Firm Performance: Accounting and Market-Based Approach Ashwin Parwani
Rajesh Desai
Akhilesh Shukla
Purvin Mariyankari
and Gopal Maliwal
20.2.2 Predicting Consumers' Intentions to Purchase Eco-friendly Products through Service Quality and Green Value Orientation Mohammed Ahmad Alsaggaf
and Radhay Shyam Rai
20.2.3 Effect of GST on WCM and Profitability of FMCG Sector in India Karanam Kavitha
and Chandra Sen Mazumdar
20.2.4 The Logistics Safety Practices and Organisation Performance in Malaysia Syamaruthadevi Sivan
Babudass M. Naidu
Farha Ghapar
Li Lian Chew
Ahmad Rais Mohamad Mokhtar
and Veera Pandiyan Kaliani Sundram
20.2.5 Peculiarities of Marketing Communications on Support of Smallholders by Branched Retail Chains (On the Example of "Silpo" Fozzy Group) Aneta Oleksy-Gebczyk
and Yurii Bilianskyi
20.2.6 Major Driving Forces for Indian SME Pharmaceutical Industry Kapil Dev Pandey
Anupam Narula and
Richa Singhal
20.2.7 Exploring the Factors Influencing Teachers' Turnover Intention in Government Schools in Ethiopia Yaregal Awoke Tarekegn
Hamed M. S. Ahmed
Surianarayanan Ramaiyan
Baligh Ali Hasan Beshr
and Shaikh Suhel
20.2.8 Modelling the Contributors of Adoption of Digital Investment Services of Mutual Fund Distribution Sonia Peter
Dipti Ranjan Mohapatra
and R. Srinivasan
20.2.9 The Contribution of High-Tech Exports to Japan's Economic Growth Hosameldin H. Ismail
and Rania S. Azab
20.2.10 The Impact of Flexible Working Arrangements on Employee Outcomes Pre-Covid in Malaysia Geetha Subramaniam
Saidatul Amirah Binti Abd Rahman
Laura Christ Dass
and Wu Meng