18.1.0 Murugesan Selvam
18.1.1 E-Wallets Technology : Their Cause, Rise and Relevance Post COVID 19 Hena Iqbal
Udit Chawla and
Subrata Chattopadhyay
18.1.2 Accounting Education and Labor Market Needs in Saudi Arabia Abdullah Masood
18.1.3 Quality of Accounting Information Systems and Organizational Effectiveness in An Emerging Country G. D. Malitha Ranganath and
Nadarajah Rajeshwaran
18.1.4 The Effect of Management Accounting Practices on Organizational Performance of Listed Manufacturing Sectors in Sri Lanka, with the Moderating Effect of Complexity of Production Process Achchi Mohamed Inun Jariya
and Thirunavukkarasu Velnampy
18.1.5 Employing Strategic Management to Study the Effect of Brand Awareness on Customer’s Loyalty: Exploring the Mediation Effect of Perceived Brand Quality and Brand Communication: A Study of Samsung Electronics Company in Tehran Branch Arvin Roozitalab
18.1.6 Effect of Materialism on Impulsive Buying Behavior: An Empirical Study of Arab Consumers Brahim Boutaleb
18.1.7 Gender Differences at the Main Stages of Entrepreneurship Iuliia Pinkovetskaia
Anton Lebedev
Natalya Rokunova
and Natalya Shamina
18.1.8 Online Shopping Behavior of the Millennial Generation: An Investigation into the Major Factors Affecting Online Shopping Behaviour Sadhana Mishra
and Mayank Mishra
18.1.9 A Study of Retail Hyper Market Warehouse Inventory Management in Malaysia Vellian Vatumalae
Premkumar Rajagopal
Veera Pandiyan Kaliani Sundram
and ZHAO Hua
18.1.10 Social Media Empowerment on Youth Career Development - A Study with Reference to India K. Maran
C.R. Senthilnathan and
Kaldeen Mohamed Mubarak