SMART Journal of Business Management Studies follows the ethical standards in its publications, to ensure the quality and originality in the manuscripts. The value of academic publishing relies on the ethical behaviour of everyone involved in it. SMART Journal advises to its authors, reviewers and editors, to refer to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) website, and other websites mentioned under the head, additional resources in addition to publication ethics of SMART Journal. Besides, they are also advised feel free to contact the Chief Editor of the SMART Journal through email in this regard. (Mail id:

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Points to Reviewers

The Reviewers of SMART Journal must note & adhere to the following points:
* The review process should be strictly kept confidential
* To decline the opportunity to review, on the grounds of potential competing interests leading to biased review
* To conduct themselves fairly and impartially

NOTE: The academics (Reviewers) may come from a particular school of thought and/or may have strong ties to a particular interest. However, reviewers should strive to act fairly. If any conflict exists, a reviewer should be transparent and seek the views of the editor of the SMART Journal.