18.2.0 Murugesan Selvam
18.2.1 Goods and Services Tax (GST) Law in India - An Analysis of Revenue Performance Gajanan B. Haldankar,
Maithili Naik and
Santosh Patkar
18.2.2 Board of Directors’ Characteristics and Board Compensation Moderated by Family Control Hasan Mohammed Bamahros,
Mohieddin Salem Grada,
Abdulsalam Saad Alquhaif and
Ameen Qasem
18.2.3 Analysing Impact of Customer Engagement on the Relationship between Customer Loyalty and Service Quality: A Study of Healthcare Sector Asma Zaheer
18.2.4 College of Business Administration’s Academicians’ Productivity and Social Media Networks: Empirical Investigation Khaled Salmen Aljaaidi and
Anass Hamad Elneel Adow
18.2.5 Determinants of Attitudes towards Covid-19 Donations and the Moderating Role of Ethics in Financial Fundraising: The Case Study of Saudi Arabia Sulaiman Abdullah Saif Alnasser Mohammed
Adel Saree
Fatma Cherni
Mohiddin Grada
and Saqib Muneer
18.2.6 Evaluation of Critical Determinants of Inventory Management Techniques on Universities’ Performance in Ethiopia Hamed M. S. Ahmed
Mengistu Guliti Buba
Murad Thomran
Jemal Redwan Muzeyin
and Muhaba Nuredin Ferejo
18.2.7 Determinants of Brand Awareness in the Context of Ethiopian Domestic Leather Footwear Industries Jemal Redwan Muzeyin
Hamed M. S. Ahmed
Shemila Jemal Amde
Murad Thomran and
Muhaba Nuredin Ferejo
18.2.8 Personality Traits and Global Brand Attributes: The Mediating Effect of Consumer Attitude Harsandaldeep Kaur
and Pranay Moktan
18.2.9 Conceptualization of Factors Affecting Consumer Brand Hatred: An Exploratory Study Ashutosh Rai
Udit Chawla and
Subrata Chattopadhyay
18.2.10 The Impact of Financial Leverage and Return on Assets on Banks’ Profitability: An Empirical Evidence From Banking Sector Azeem Ahmad Khan